Hillsgrove Ranger Station Site Development

Loyalsock State Forest
Williamsport, Pennsylvania

Services Completed

Pedersen & Pedersen, Inc. provided professional services for the preparation of a site plan to facilitate the design and construction of an equipment building and parking area located at the Hillsgrove Ranger Station in Loyalsock State Forest.

The one-acre project site contained several buildings, one of which was planned to be demolished and replaced with the new equipment building.

Utilizing provided survey data, P&P prepared a composite site development plan illustrating the existing site conditions and proposed development for the site. The plan illustrated the location of the proposed building, and included provisions for grading, paving, stormwater management, service utility line extensions, and erosion and sedimentation control considerations for construction. Drawings illustrating installation details, cross sections, elevations, and profiles were prepared as needed, and technical specifications were provided on appropriate drawings. In concurrence with the PA DCNR schedule, drawing submissions were prepared at 60%, 95%, and 100% completion benchmarks.