Market Square Redevelopment

Pittsburgh, PA

Services Completed

Pedersen & Pedersen, Inc. provided an As-Built Survey of the completed redevelopment of Market Square, a unique community and commercial district in the City of Pittsburgh. Surveys encompassed building front to building front around and throughout the square including curbing, pavements, vegetation, all visible utilities and amenities.

Survey field work began with gaining survey control in the area which tied to City of Pittsburgh datum. The survey crews proceeded to locate all building fronts; all pavements including depressed and standard curbs, planters, crosswalks, and pavement type changes; all visible utilities, including manholes, storm drains, gas meters, water valves, and electric outlets. Inverts of all pipes within the storm manholes were obtained and connecting pipes and their sizes notated. Lighting facilities, from street lights to the flush lighting depicting the constellations, were located. Permanent features were identified and located to a precision of 0.01 feet.

All data obtained was checked for accuracy then formatted to the client’s standards. The resulting final as-built drawing, drafted in MicroStation, depicted all the surveyed data, and was reviewed, signed, and sealed by a licensed Professional Land Surveyor.