PIT Runway 14-32 As Built Survey

Pittsburgh International Airport
Allegheny County, Pennsylvania

Services Completed

Pedersen & Pedersen, Inc. provided field services for the as-built survey documenting improvements to the approximately 8,100′ long Runway 14-32 at Pittsburgh International Airport. All work was completed in compliance with FAA Advisory Circular 18B for incorporation into the overall AGIC/eALP.

Survey control datum was established and tied to airport PACS and SACS utilizing GPS and conventional surveying equipment. P&P’s survey crew then identified, marked with monuments, and determined horizontal and vertical positions of the ends of Runway 14-32; surveyed runway profiles at 10′ intervals for the length of the runway, locating the centerline, offsets, and runway edges; and determined horizontal and vertical coordinates for approximately 35 runway navaids.